The short-lived ruler of Sundabar. Usurper of Lord Delouve’s seat. Defeated by the Bloody Blades.

Before taking the name Viceroy, he was known as Petetivus Brund. He was a sheperd, as his father was before him, and his father before him. His parents dead to disease, and his only brother off to fight in the wars to the west, Petetivus was left in solitude.

For the most part, the goats governed themselves, leaving the greater majority of time for free thought. With no books, and rarely anyone to speak to, he dreamed of another life; one with grand cascading ceilings, decadent feasts and harems filled with lustful women. The gods must have heard his desirous ruminations.

One day, while tending his flock, an adult white dragon plopped down beside him. Petetivus blinked, unbelieving. The dragon took a genial tone (to which he was unaccustomed) and explained his offer: The white had a hankering for a rare wine he had tasted while devouring a caravan. He questioned one of the survivors and gathered the details of its location and how to tend it. Petetivus would take the name of a servant of the king; Viceroy. Sundabar was in the ideal region for the cultivation of the delicate tanuro berries. Using the dragon’s hoard, Viceroy would raise an army to capture Sundabar and produce a massive harvest. He would have the wealth and power that he had dreamed of.

Viceroy accepted.

He recruited the Hound and captured Sundabar by issuing severe taxes in the name of the king—squashing those who could not pay.

His three year reign was ended by the Bloody Blades. Shortly after the Bloody Blades left Sundabar, Petetivus Brund was beheaded.


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