The Hound

The Hound is a human who stands a hand over seven foot tall. His hair is greasy, short and brown, his chainmail armor is battle-worn and rusting. His tongue would always have a sly remark at the ready… if he still had it.

The Hound is infamous for his time spent as a bandit. With his Goliath-like strength, low cunning and a greatsword decorated with a trophy display of notches, rising to leadership was an easy task.

Combat was where he thrived. His lust for battle incited his men, and before long his gang grew strong enough to pester fortified towns. It was during this time that he was approached by Viceroy.

Viceroy offered him a semblance of honor, meat, board, and more money than he could ever earn through robbing trinkets off smallfolk. The offer was well received by the bandits—The Hound, however, was not motivated by gold. He lusted for battle, and knew Viceroy coffers held plenty. The Hound set about unifying other groups of bandits, arming them with proper steel armaments with Viceroy’s seemingly unlimited supply of coin. Before a winter’s turn, the army’s of the Hound and Viceroy crushed the defense’s of Sundabar, usurping the seat of Lord Delouve in ‘the name of the crown’.

Viceroy then gave him the odd task of collecting tanuro berries from the Feywild. He explained his deal with the white dragon of the northern wastes, and gave him the duty of collecting and transporting the object of the dragon’s gluttony.

Three years later, and the advent of the Bloody Blades upon Sundabar, the Hound found himself as a captive and guide. Every opportunity of escape or betrayal he leaped upon, and every time he was struck down. After they at last reached the white dragon’s cave and slew him, The Hound gave Achmed-sol the ultimatum: kill me and never see your family again.

Kamina inquired further and received a customary insult in return. Unsatisfied, Kamina cut out his tongue. Albeit wordless, The Hound kept his good humor for the travel back to Sundabar. The Bloody Blades’ vigilance grew lax after a few days in comfort, and the Hound escaped with no weapon, no coin, and no tongue.

His whereabouts are unknown.

(Fun Fact: The first two sessions JP ran with the Hound, he thought the character was a talking dog.)

The Hound

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