A small village outside Sundabar founded by the Shifter Dreylin. There are two main operations in the town, one being carpentry and the other being logging. Though there is no official business, goods and services may be purchased by dealing with William Tavor. Only in its infancy, the town consists mainly of housing for the workers, a mill to process the lumber, a workshop, and the beginnings of Dreylin’s estate – Lorethoron (“Lore’s Dwelling”).


This land was allocated by Lord Delouve of Sundabar after Dreylin helped rid the city of the previous rulers. Dreylin named the town Thavrondor, which in elvish translates into “land of the carpenter”. Dreylin was able to hire and befriend a carpenter and lumber smith who could execute his vision for the town.

Dreylin’s Vision

Dreylin’s vision is to establish a town that blends both human and elvish features to create a sense of symbiosis with nature. He hopes to achieve this through the use of carefully planned logging techniques (i.e replanting, selective logging, etc.) and adding elvish features to the structures. Though not elvish himself, his close contact with the race coupled with his affinity for nature are the driving force behind his decisions.


Many of the residents are split amongst the three main operations of the town, farming, logging, and carpentry. None is seen as better than the other, and little profit is derived from them currently. Dreylin’s investments have been intended to establish infrastructure that can someday foster more sustaining lifestyle’s for the residents.

Notable Residents

Dreylin Rivenwood – [Lord]

William Tavor – [Master Carpenter]

Doron Strongarm – [Master Logger]

Current Operations

Lorethoron – In its final stages, only a few workers are needed to complete the final touches of Dreylin’s estate.

Windmills – Using blueprints constructed by William, the men finishing Lorethoron will shift their focus to constructing windmills upon completion. The windmills will provide energy for the farmers for irrigation, and food processing needs.

Fort Sky – William Tavor and a handful of his men have humbly accepted Dreylin’s request to assist Lord [[Achmed-sol]] in the building of Fort Sky.


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