Morard Ald'ves

Morard is one of the three confidants of the Grey Council, representing Earth Genasi.

Though this aging man-elemental’s stone hair has begun to crumble, his body still moves with the grace of a warrior. He prefers to wear a hard leather tunic that looks suitable for combat, and his left hand is always gripping a rusting maul. When the townsfolk talk about the Grey Council, he is often called the one without a beard.

The genasi were a very small segment of the population of the trade capital Oreme, forced to live in the squalor of the town’s edge. But when the city fell into the underchasm below, the earth genasi became a significant portion of the surviving population.

Morard behaves like a young man. He is the most brash of the Grey Council.

Morard Ald'ves

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