Lord Delouve

The current ruler of Sundabar, he reports to the King in the West. He was reinstated to power by the Bloody Blades after they defeated the Viceroy.

Lord Delouve – or rather Edward Delouve – took the title of Lord of Sundabar at age 16, following the advent of his father’s death 35 years ago. Bright, but not brilliant; Brutal, but not cruel; Edward served the people of Sundabar as well as any people can hope of their nobility. He stands a bit taller than 6’, with a well groomed head of greying black hair and a broad chin speckled with coarse grey threads. Edward sired 6 children with his wife (4 boys, 2 girls).

In response to Viceroy’s exorbitant taxing, Lord Delouve’s four sons ventured off on their own to acquire wisdom from Lady Saharal on how to obtain the needed wealth or deal with Viceroy and his pet dog. They met their end to swathes of undead within the ruin’s catacombs, shortly after meeting the Blades. Edward’s daughters, wife and his son’s wives were taken from him and presumably raped/murdered by the Hound’s men when he could not pay his immense debts. The only surviving family is the Lady Delouve, Aryne, who was married to Edward’s youngest son, and taken as the Viceroy’s pretty plaything during his short reign. She remains an unmarried widow.

After the Blades restored Lord Delouve to power, his first act of official business was the execution Viceroy. Since then, his rule has become more brutal than ever before—but the smallfolk are eating, and life is better than it was under the wicked Viceroy.

Lord Delouve

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