A small village outside of Sundabar founded by the Dragonborn Par. There are two main businesses in the town, one being a gem mine and the other a Martial Arts school. The gem mine is called “Shinies N’ Things” while the Martial Arts school is the “Red Dragon Brawlers Academy”. There is also a fighting pit that was recently constructed, which serves as the main source of entertainment for the town. As it stands now, only drunks and amateurs enter the pit, but Par hopes to enter the best students of the RDBA into the pit when they are ready.


This land was allocated by Lord Delouve of Sundabar after Par helped rid the city of the previous rulers. Par named the town Gloryholme, a tribute to his brother Mar the Gloryseeker. Par bullied a prospector and a weaponmaster to run the two businesses in town.

Notable Residents


Galway Shinkicker

Oddwit Emeraldnose


While the majority of the residents are farmers, many also work in the local gem mine, Shinies N’ Things.


When not getting drunk, residents are encouraged to train at the Red Dragon Brawlers Academy or go to the Pit for gambling and fighting.


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