How many bloody blades?


Date Met: August 2nd, Present: Everyone, Pizza: Jonathan

The party arrived in Oreme. Met the locals.

Kamina attempted to blackmail locals. Was caught. Put on trial.

Par killed Kamina.

Through the rain I see you in the sun

Date Met: July 27th, 2009 Attendance: No JP, No DD, Nate fills in as Par, Henry covers Kamina

(NOTE: The old wishlist is outdated. Please add a list of your current magic items [if you crafted them yourself please specify] as well as a new WISHLIST of the specified level range to the wiki.)

Without haste – but not unduly so – the Blades set out for the distant city of Oreme. Before leaving, a squire approached the group as they saddled their horses and loaded their provisions in their pocket dimensions. The boy spoke slowly, chastened by fear. The old healer on the edge of town they had earlier sought had been found cold. Her tongue removed and missing.

The trek through the mountains south of Sundabar was uneventful. The frigid weather had kept the precipitous jumbled paths clear. Two days later they were soon afoot the long road Delimbyr, heading southward. Achmed, with his pleasantly high diplomacy skill, conversed with some traveling small-scale merchants and their three hired swords, traveling from a village off the beaten path. They warned of small bandit gangs, and were given hope of good things to find at Sundabar in return.

A week of travel later, the party was assaulted by terrible moans of despair. Tracking the source, the Blades found a pillaged caravan. Inside, an old woman clutched her dead husband, petrified by grief. The party consoled her, then ran down three bandits which the trails lead them to. The old woman herself finished off the last ruffian as he cried for mercy. The aged human woman introduced herself as Agaleena, the wife to a merchant in Oreme. The party gleaned useful tidbits of information about the city from her, including its exports and the ruling Grey Council.

Travel became slower has the Blades changed direction to the east; off the road and into marshland. They traversed bridge after bridge. One bridge in particular mattered more than the others.

A tattered old thing. Probably left unmaintained since the Wailing Years. Carefully, the Blades crossed, reinforcing any questionable gaps or rotten wood with their pouch of ice.

A haunting and beautiful song rose up about them. The world became a soft haze, and the sun dimmed as if covered by a sheet of wool. Most of the party became dazed. Agaleena was gone. In her stead, drifting along the cracked boards above the placid green murk, was a true hag. Long gnarled arms, pointed teeth, wrinkled purple skin – a beautiful song that drew them deeper into nightmare. Her sisters crawled onto the bridge beside her. Two moss covered, putrid human shapes cackling in shared sadistic glee.

After seemingly an eternity, the song ended – yet the trance remained. She told them she had tracked them since their contact with Lady Saharal. She saw the threads of fate which entangled them, and told of her intention to severe them. As the hag spoke, she unraveled a sack from her waist with clear intention. A cursed grin crossed her lips, “A gift from a friend,” she said.

From the pouch spilled a torrent of sorrow. Severed head, after head, after head – hundreds – a relentless stream into the green waters beneath. All of them fey-touched air genasi; the family Achmed-Sol would never know.

The blood and movement attracted the Hydra which slumbered beneath the depths. It emerged in a cacophony of dark water. A pinkish mist showered them from above as its jaws worked savagely through skulls.

Combat commenced. The party emerged bloody and triumphant. The night hag retreated into the wilderness screaming, “The Shadovar will end you!”

Swords to Plowshares

Date Met: July 12th Attendance: Everyone (+JP [In defiance of my attendance methodology])

What separates this session from most is not once was there any formal combat. It was instead a din of role-playing and improvisation.

The party returned as conquering heroes with so much loot in toe that a personal pocket dimension wasn’t enough to carry it all. They created another. There was a great twenty-two-course feast in their honor, hosted by Lord Delouve.

What happened with each character:

Achmid-Sol: Ruled over his fief. Recovered the location of a portal to the feywild in the northern wastes shortly before allowing a mute Hound to slip through his fingers (kek). Bribed cooks and guards with 500gp. Organized a trade expedition to Oreme in the southeast.

Dreylin: Ruled over his fief. Helped Lennur forage spices for his peasant’s feast of dragon meat.

Kamina: Cut out the Hound’s tongue. Blackmailed the feast’s cooks. Became Knight captain for a lord through brute intimidation. Killed the previous Knight Captain’s son in a joust.

Lennur: Organized a peasant feast concurrent with the noble’s feast, currying additional favor with the small folk. Involved in an altercation with the feast’s cooking staff and guards.

Par: Inebriated.

Piph: Spotted a lone boxman, who disappeared in his/her timidity. Crafted a fine box with the sigil of boxes carved into it (a box). Investigated for the party using his high streetwise skill.

Uthavel: Became fast friends with a local chessmaster/teacher. Guest lectured to the fascinated noble’s children. Bought some residuum and material components.

I encourage you to post up all information pertaining to your lands. Villages, NPCs, resources, names, geography, etc. Feel free to be creative, though if you want something particularly special then ask me first.

Solo the solo

Date Met: 6/28/09 Attendance: Everyone (+JP)

With the thought of a white dragon’s carcass absorbed into his menagerie of an outfit, Kamina pressed north, easily following the party’s combat racked trail. He met up with them a week later, huddled in a cave about a fire, hoarding its precious warmth. The party welcomed him back. A healer is always welcome.

When the blizzard subsided they continued upon the path the Hound had showed them until they reached a mountain. The Hound told them he and his men would leave the wine barrels at the foot of the azure ice skyscraper, and the dragon would descend sometime later. The party chose to ascend, and faced a treacherous half-a-mile climb against slick ice and freezing winds.

Naturally, this wasn’t hard enough, so while climbing they were attacked by a wyvern. With some resourceful thinking, they bested the dumb winged lizard, and hours later crested the top.

They traveled through a clear crystal cave with Piph as their scout and within moments were face to face with a smart winged lizard; sleeping. The adult white dragon rolled well for his perception, and Piph rolled low for his stealth, the dragon awoke, the party lost surprise.

The dragon mocked the party in his draconic vernacular, but paused when the Hound answered him in the same tongue. Not knowing draconic themselves, the party let the two speak, until it was clear that the Hound had once again betrayed them. The dragon summoned a few ice elemental pawns, and combat began.

Then resolved. Quickly.

Dreylin, inspired by his bravura warlord and resourceful warlord companions, practically soloed the level 9 solo dragon, while the rest of the party dispatched the elementals and the Hound with ease.

Piph had trounced the Hound, but his coup de grace was steadied when the Hound spoke. He told Achmid-sol that if he killed him, he would never see his family again. To Achmid’s chagrin, this was a persuasive enough argument to postpone the Hound’s long overdue expiration.

The dragon had a horde, as dragon’s oft do, and the players spent the remaining hour divvying up the superfluously multifarious loot.

What is Love?

Date Met: June 14th Attendance: Everyone

The party trudged further northward. Battered by the elements but ever-stalwart. They traveled for another day, then constructed their masterful igloo and small bonfire. They knew the risk of creating fire, and with luck against them, suffered the consequences. A band of ice trolls noticed the smoke, and attacked them during the night.

Forgetting that trolls die to fire, the melee persisted longer than would be expected. The vibrations in the ground attracting a Bulette-or land shark-which nearly ate Achmid-Sol in an action point fueled frenzy. The Hound, bound by rope but a potentially powerful ally in combat pleaded with Lennur to release him, and Lennur did so. No longer entangled, the Hound burst through the Igloo and mounted a horse in a desperate attempt to escape. But before he could ride out of sight, Dreylin was on him, crashing him off the steed.

The Hound, who had spent time as a sellsword and bandit, knew the battle was won for the adventurers, so he turned his sword against the land shark as not to invoke the party’s wrath, or even to win their favor. The bloodletting ended, the party returned to their demolished igloo in the unforgiving frozen wastes… glum.

Not quite Canada

Met: June 7th (started late) Attendance: Everyone (Except Henry)

With the Hound as their guide, the Seven Bloody Blades ventured into the frozen wastes of the north. After five days of travel they encountered an ettin, accustomed to the freezing conditions and well versed in the domestication of the most dangerous beasts. A skill challenge of diplomacy and intimidation commenced, which the party achieved 1 success before reaching their 4 failure limit; triggering the battle after the Hound claimed they had killed the ettin’s brother back in Sundabar.

The battle was brief. The ettin summoned 4 wyverns and unleashed his venom-eyed basilisk. The party bloodied the ettin and Piph intimidated him to surrender and subdue his beasts.

A day later Dreylin mastered the art of building igloos.

Grapes of Wrath

Met: May 31st Attendance: Everyone (Except JP—JP will now be excluded from ‘Everyone’)(+DD)

The party continued their push into the audience chamber of the keep, where the Viceroy, his maester and an insignificant number of minion guards waited with timid patience. A conversation with struck up, as adventurers often due before slaying the demagogue breed of villains. Using his deft silver tongue (with a litte assistance from a good bluff roll) the Viceroy stalls the party with half-truths until at last the Hound and his rugged entourage returned.

At some point before the inevitable combat, Mar held the Viceroy upside down. It’s kinda’ his thing.

The combat was long, but fierce, and the Hound was forced unconscious while the rest of his men slain. With the party’s new-found political clout they reinstated the Lord Delouve from the dungeons who then threw the Viceroy into the cell he had the pleasure of warming. Lord Delouve also awarded Mar, Dreylin and Achmid-Sol small portions of his fief, Piph a “box people reserve”, and Lennur a humble chapel to Amaunator.

The viceroy, now disposed, explained why he had forced the people of Sundabar to grow such a superfluous quantity of these fey-born grapes. The Viceroy was once a shepherd, but was given (forced) the responsibility (and wealth) to sate the gluttonous wishes of a white dragon who had a thirst for the rare wine. He enlisted the help of The Hound, who was then a bandit leader to help him usurp the Lordship of the Delouves to force the peasantry to harvest the grape.

Upon waking with a vicious headache, the Hound found himself in the unwanted position of guiding the party to the frozen wastes of the north where the dragon waits, or face Lord Delouve’s justice. He chose guiding.

Break-in City! Storm the Gates!

Date met: May 17th Present: Everyone (except JP)

Party breaks the curse in the rebels by slaying the Pestilence demon. Rebels are indebted and agree to help the party storm the viceroy’s castle. Lennur phases through the castle walls, opens the draw bridge while Achmid-sol flies to the top and drops a rope. Party fights some guards, breaks into the keep, Piph locks the keep’s gate from the inside. Party then fights an enslaved Ettin and his handlers; slaying them, of course.

Reflavoring monsters

Date met: May 3rd Present: Everyone (including JP)

Party storms the Gnoll camp, encountering a pestilence demon as well. 3-4 hour long fight ensues.

JP is as timid as a kitten.

Welcome to Sundabar!

Met: Sunday, April 26th, 2009 Present: Everyone

Party spoke to the family of Marcus the farmer, finding out the despair and poverty that the city of Sundabar has been plunged into. After a night and dinner, the party entered Sundabar and began their investigation. They spent a few days making streetwise checks under the guise of charitable clerics of the Auminator.

Encounter: The party killed 4 town guards, who murdered a peasant and were raping his wife. The helpful peasants whose favor the party had won with food and hope, disposed of the bodies with seemingly no trouble.

After careful weighing their options, the party decided to investigate what had become of the rebel remnants and enlist their aid in storming the Viceroy’s castle. Following the directions they were given by an old rebel at a tavern they found the sick and dying remains of the rebels under a waterfall. They were competing for resources with gnolls ever since they were displaced after the rebellion, and now the Gnolls had contaminated their food with a parasite that was killing the few dozen rebels.

Encounter: Party kills 7 gnolls, after laying a trap of delicious soup for them.

Next: Assaulting the gnoll camp.


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