How many bloody blades?

Campaign so far
Campaign so far

The party, consisting of:

Achmid-Sol, Air Genasi Warlord, played by Henry.

Uthavel, Eledrin Swordmage, played by Brett.

Piph, Halfling Rogue, played by Jonathan.

Lennur, Human Avenger, played by Rob.

Dreylin, Shifter Ranger, played by Von. (Absent for the finale)

have completed the ‘Scepter Tower of Spellgard’ module. Lady Saharel, the ghostly sage of the ruins, gave each a cryptic message as their well-earned reward.


Family split; trinity spun

Crash against the northern winds

The two-faced beast knows the way

Gate within a gate:

a brother’s scorn shall not wait


Strength or numbers

The cost to realize a hero

A true master, but of what?

Embrace Solace

And beware your own heart


Death and taxes, death and taxes

A lover’s grief awaits you in Sundabar

Do you drink wine or do you drink blood?

Death and taxes, death and taxes


The sun fights to warm the void

Without the sky, time stands still

In the sea of Lolth

A forehead never dries

Heed the words of the pierced leaf


Stay close wolf

And you shall find what you seek


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