A tireless warrior. Beleaves the strong are ment to walk the earth. Good or evil.


Gar is a 45 year old Dragon born. He comes from a village of only a few dozen. From birth they are trained to worship the god Tempus for he embodies everything they stand for. Gar holds he teachings of Tempus in high regards. They are taught that tactics is better then straight out slaughter. While a tactical retreat is smiled upon, retreating due to fear is not. To fight on the battle field is to live on it. You will either gain strength from it or die from your own weakness. He was a master of a sword but after many battles realized a blade alone is not enough to slay all enemies.

So he trained in the arts of the arcane over the years. He is the pinnacle of his clans teachings. A sharp mind on a battle field is as deadly as a sharp blade. When his sons were young he tried to teach them tactics and bravery. What they learned was smashing and aggressiveness. After trying to teach them for many years they left the village at the ages of 20. They said come search for them in about five years. Gar swore to himself that they would be dead by then due to their brashness. But five years has past and he has slowly tracked down one of his sons. The sometimes dim witted Par. From the whispers he hears his son has only gotten into trouble and he can’t wait to see what strength there is to gain from this new battlefield…


How many bloody blades? boogadox