What he lacks in intelligence, he makes up for in strength and courage.


A blood brother to the renowned warrior, Mar, Par is in search of his brother. While Par is much less intelligent and level headed than his brother, he is a noble and courageous warrior. Never one to back down or retreat, Par gladly enters each battle knowing this one could be his last. He does not care about money or power, just blood and glory.

Par often claims to speak to his weapon, although no one knows if this is a metaphor, or if he actually hears his weapon’s call for blood. One thing is known however, stepping between this Dragonborn and his goal will earn you a bloody death.

Par knows he is not very intelligent, and often kills people who could have been of use to the party, but he can not help himself. Par gets carried away with man handling people, as he often likes to hold smaller people (most people are small to him) upside down and shake them. Because his pain tolerance is so high, when interrogating others, he often goes too far, thinking nothing of breaking fingers and limbs. Although he does not work well with people, occasionally someone will come along who can understand how to channel his eternal rage and bloodlust for a higher purpose.

Bound by blood, fueled by glory, SPOKEN TO BY HIS WEAPON, PAR ENTERS THE FIGHT!


How many bloody blades? lvl80irl