Uthavel Calanor

A swordmage carring upwards of 7 blades, and will try to use his knowledge of the arcane arts as well as the ability to teleport at any chance he gets.


Born to Amras and Galadriël Calanor was Uthavel Calanor the second of two children he has an older sister Nienna, by 15 years, his parents were respected members of the medium sized ‘city’ where they lived, his father was a wizard of some renowned for stopping an intrusion of men wanting to harness the power of the Fey for monetary gain. While his mother is a well known teacher of arcane manipulation and his sister is gaining renowned with her teachers in the use of wizardly powers. Growing up in the Fey Uthavel had a natural aptitude toward magic and despite the wishes of his father he choose the way of the sword rather than the way of the staff when it came to magic. A major reason that Uthavel choose to learn the ways of the Swordmages was because of the master of the fey sword Valandil Telrúnya’s natural charisma and the way he weaved his own magical abilities together with the way he handled his sword. But Uthavel was not as strong as the rest of the students but he quickly made up for his short coming with the way he out smarted the other students with misdirection and quickly changing the direction of his sword tip, as well as the shear amount of magical energy he was able to channel through his longsword quickly making him the number one student of the school.

One day however Valandil came across some new information during one of his days in one of the many libraries that was spread across the Fey, this one was a lost library. After his return from the library he found he was a change man, hardly speaking with anyone for weeks until one day he showed up at the school with a sword that was giving off an evil aura. As soon as he enter the school he began to attack his own students who were only armed with wooden training swords, they put up very little fight. Uthavel father had just finished a fine fiery longsword for his son as he enter upon the carnage of Valandil’s attack, with the help of one of the other students Uthavel was able to put up a fight against Valandil and with the help of his father they were able to fend off the furry of the attacks of Valandil, Uthavel’s father was finally able to force Valandil out of the Fey through a portal that was created during the battle by all of the magical energy that was flung around by both sides.

The aftermath of the battle was gruesome all the students, including the other student who help Uthavel fight Valandil, died due to wounds suffered from the battle, leaving Uthavel the only surviving member of the students from the Swordmages school. Against his families wishes Uthavel readied himself to travel through the portal to find and either bring back or dispatch Valandil for the deaths of all his friends. Gathering all the supplies he could Uthavel made his way to the school where he found several portals all leading to the same plane but to different areas and upon closer inspection all but one portal were becoming unstable, so choosing to air on the side of caution by choosing the stable portal Uthavel was transported to a strange place by his standards, ending up a few miles south of Silverymoon and soon found himself low on gold, but quickly found that people where willing to hire those with his set of skills. And so he found himself in the role of a mercenary as well as a wonder looking for any lead on his former master who left utter destruction in his wake.

Since heading through the portal Uthavel has been on his quest for 4 years now, before finally hearing of the oracle so he quickly decided find her and extract the location of Valandil by any means possible.

Later finding himself allied with a rouge half-ling and at a monastery.

Uthavel Calanor

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