Quiet and subtle...and then there was combat




Human boy, hopeful voyage, vehement storm, ship wreck, sole survivor, memory forgotten…

It was at the age of seven when Dreylin awoke upon the beaches of Elfharrow, a far and distant land from his own. His clothes were sandy, his head pounded, and the taste of stale saltwater accompanied the dry blood that lingered in his mouth. As he forced himself to his feet, he looked around in a confused stupor. Dead bodies, planks of wood, and the occasional crate were all the littered the beach that day – a day when Dreylin left the human world.

Scared and alone, his only instinct was to run, and so he did into the wood. Hours after fleeing the unthinkable scene, Dreylin blacked out. When he awoke, he found himself in a mysterious place surrounded by elves, but like none he had ever seen before (which was not many). Their skin was darker and their bodies larger, more muscular, and decorated with strange markings – wild elves. He was scared of the foreign beings and they did little in the way of comfort the newly orphaned, but they did provide him with food and nursed his wounds. The elders of the tribe spent days deliberating over what to do with the human, and after many options were discussed the final decision was made – to raise the boy as one of their own. It was not a popular decision, and as Dreylin grew older he constantly felt the eyes of scrutiny upon him.

For the next thirteen years of his life, he became immersed in the ways of the wild elves. From culture to combat, he strove to fit in with the tribe, constantly finding ways to prove his worth. A majority of his teen years were spent with the serving with the tribal rangers protecting the borders of Elfharrow from anyone or anything that entered. On occasion, he also served as an interpreter to those unwanted travelers of a common tongue. As he aged Dreylin showed excellent initiative, willingness to learn, excelled in the art of combat, and matured quickly to the approval of the tribal chieftain. His human appearance, and more calm temperament seemed to be the only qualities that set him apart.

On his twentieth birthday, Dreylin was summoned before leaders of the various wild elf tribes. Throughout the course of the counsel, they had commended Dreylin on his progress, but more importantly bestowed upon him a task of monumental importance. “Our son, there is no secret to what we seek. Our people yearn for the once great lands of the Misty Vale to be restored. Many have searched for answers, but have returned only with wounds, and useless relics of a more ancient time. You have proven yourself strong, adaptable, cunning, and loyal. You possess something that none of us have, the inherent ability to make your way in the outside world. We ask you now to seek what has not been found – leave Elfharrow and find a way to restore our homeland back to its glory. We dare not send you alone, however. As a gift from the tribes, we give you this. Her name is Lore, a young white tiger that was found wandering in our woods. A true companion and a fierce protector, the white tiger is a symbol of strength and beauty among elfish legends. She will watch over you and be a stark ally in the dim world beyond our borders. We must ask you to make haste…for the fate of our people…”

For four years, Dreylin and Lore traveled in search for the answer that would restore the Misty Vale. They faced many perils, encountered people from every walk of life, followed rumors to dead ends, spoke with deranged wizards, and nearly escaped with their lives on many occasions. They covered many miles and each day the daunting task seemed more impossible. It was not until his encounter with a mysterious young girl did Dreylin’s luck begin to change. He encountered the young girl wandering a road far from any town or village. Perplexed by the oddity, he stopped to ask her a few questions, but she seemed only interested in talking. “Good day mister. What are you doing ? Oh nevermind that. I like horses. Do you like horses? My mom says I can’t have a horse because they stink or something like that. That’s a pretty cat you have there. My friend told me this secret, do you want to hear it? Well I really shouldn’t, but you look trustworthy enough. Don’t tell anyone, k? Well there is a lady to the north who apparently knows everything in the whole wide world. Weird, right? I mean who can know everything anyway? I know lots of things, like how to count, and cook, and read…well a little bit anyway. Well my mom is calling for me now, so I have to get going. It was nice talking to you mister. Bye!” Dreylin looked at Lore confused and disoriented by the excessive babbling of the young girl. When he turned back to face her, she was gone. A chill ran down his spine, as he tried to make sense of it all. Whatever just happened, he felt compelled to do one thing – go north, and seek out the lady who “knows everything”….

The journey begins…


How many bloody blades? Dreylin