VAMPIRE OF LIGHT!!!! nom nom nom sunbeams!


I was very young once. Surprised? Every day it’s a surprise to know how naive and dark the are the lives of countless children. History is never anything but as accurate as the result. I, Lennur Kilp, stand before you with a sir-name borrowed from the church of Amaunator. The Light of Amaunator has kept me alive and I have tainted blood. I owe much to the grace of the sun, and I will continue to fight for a brighter tomorrow.

Many years before now I was the son of a prospector. While my father Roul D’Maahk wandered around I was his accessory. Some sort of jewel he’d found along the way. I’d never known my mother, and I doubt he remembered her. Not once did he speak about her, and not once did he speak with me. You see Roul and I moved by night. He was a charmer, selfish, and driven by work. He was searching for something, and in that search he had no time to raise a son let alone teach him to speak. All I felt from him was an overwhelming presence at times and my will would work in great parallel with his. One thing changed over time. I guess he became lonely looking for whatever it was he lusted toward, and durring our stay in Ankhapur his eyes set on a group of adventurers delving into the lands of the spellscarred. He became valuable to them, and I lost father to these people. Durring the day he was carried by a wizard Foizz’s magic and at night he would disappear only to return to give written directions to the head treasure hunter, Gehmil. Gehmil taught me how to speak and to wield various weapon. He spoke loosely of religion and the world, and he became my guardian. I dearly wish he could have been saved.

Years later when I was able to accompany the troop into most certain dangers I had asserted myself as the day as my real father was the night. I learned quickly that I loved sun-rise and dreaded the day’s dusk. Things only my father had seen became too known to me, as did he become lit by truth. Roul was a true master of the night, a vampire. Too soon he took us very close to his goals. Those goals were also held by others, and in a furious battle I watched several of Roul’s true kin rip the throats of my day family… Gehmil. The one blood sucker patriarch forced father to campaign deep into the earth. They held me as a captive. We moved at night, so I watched my father work for the first time. I needed guidance, and I called to tomorrow.

Desparately to Amaunator! Desparately to clear away the darkness! Help me understand, and the light will have turned another fragment of this chaotic existance into a glorious shining star! I thought this desparately and blurted out small prayers in rough dwarven dialect. The beatings would come swiftly for any noise.

Late in the night I was left alone, bound, and my prayers were answered. I was told:

Son, rise and flee. Your time to die is not yet for this morning, and much is to be done. By releasing your bonds I require you to make a pact stronger than blood, and commit yours to a life as my heavy hand to those like your father and the murderers of Gehmil.

Although my bindings were magic I felt a presense free my hands and bind my neck. Though not visible I know it is there. The weight of my inner-most wish will be with me forever.

Making such haste I would not stop running and hiding for days. A journey’s time to any civilization I came to Ormpettar. I must find truth in these northern lands. The spell scarred treasures may all as well be damned lost for eternity except for one. This one treasure may or may not be artifact, and may even be creature. When I left the strange scarred land where I was held captive I could tell my father had happened upon something. There were flashes of personal hallucinogenic phenomena. These were so vivid. They could not be the product of hunger or illness. Moments seemed too long carried to be lengths of time. Earth lost its hold of objects normally bound by their weight. Was I the only one who noticed? I will face this mystery, and find the beasts connected to it. I must go north.


How many bloody blades? BiNGE