How many bloody blades?

Welcome to Sundabar!

Met: Sunday, April 26th, 2009 Present: Everyone

Party spoke to the family of Marcus the farmer, finding out the despair and poverty that the city of Sundabar has been plunged into. After a night and dinner, the party entered Sundabar and began their investigation. They spent a few days making streetwise checks under the guise of charitable clerics of the Auminator.

Encounter: The party killed 4 town guards, who murdered a peasant and were raping his wife. The helpful peasants whose favor the party had won with food and hope, disposed of the bodies with seemingly no trouble.

After careful weighing their options, the party decided to investigate what had become of the rebel remnants and enlist their aid in storming the Viceroy’s castle. Following the directions they were given by an old rebel at a tavern they found the sick and dying remains of the rebels under a waterfall. They were competing for resources with gnolls ever since they were displaced after the rebellion, and now the Gnolls had contaminated their food with a parasite that was killing the few dozen rebels.

Encounter: Party kills 7 gnolls, after laying a trap of delicious soup for them.

Next: Assaulting the gnoll camp.



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