How many bloody blades?

Solo the solo

Date Met: 6/28/09 Attendance: Everyone (+JP)

With the thought of a white dragon’s carcass absorbed into his menagerie of an outfit, Kamina pressed north, easily following the party’s combat racked trail. He met up with them a week later, huddled in a cave about a fire, hoarding its precious warmth. The party welcomed him back. A healer is always welcome.

When the blizzard subsided they continued upon the path the Hound had showed them until they reached a mountain. The Hound told them he and his men would leave the wine barrels at the foot of the azure ice skyscraper, and the dragon would descend sometime later. The party chose to ascend, and faced a treacherous half-a-mile climb against slick ice and freezing winds.

Naturally, this wasn’t hard enough, so while climbing they were attacked by a wyvern. With some resourceful thinking, they bested the dumb winged lizard, and hours later crested the top.

They traveled through a clear crystal cave with Piph as their scout and within moments were face to face with a smart winged lizard; sleeping. The adult white dragon rolled well for his perception, and Piph rolled low for his stealth, the dragon awoke, the party lost surprise.

The dragon mocked the party in his draconic vernacular, but paused when the Hound answered him in the same tongue. Not knowing draconic themselves, the party let the two speak, until it was clear that the Hound had once again betrayed them. The dragon summoned a few ice elemental pawns, and combat began.

Then resolved. Quickly.

Dreylin, inspired by his bravura warlord and resourceful warlord companions, practically soloed the level 9 solo dragon, while the rest of the party dispatched the elementals and the Hound with ease.

Piph had trounced the Hound, but his coup de grace was steadied when the Hound spoke. He told Achmid-sol that if he killed him, he would never see his family again. To Achmid’s chagrin, this was a persuasive enough argument to postpone the Hound’s long overdue expiration.

The dragon had a horde, as dragon’s oft do, and the players spent the remaining hour divvying up the superfluously multifarious loot.



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