How many bloody blades?

Not quite Canada

Met: June 7th (started late) Attendance: Everyone (Except Henry)

With the Hound as their guide, the Seven Bloody Blades ventured into the frozen wastes of the north. After five days of travel they encountered an ettin, accustomed to the freezing conditions and well versed in the domestication of the most dangerous beasts. A skill challenge of diplomacy and intimidation commenced, which the party achieved 1 success before reaching their 4 failure limit; triggering the battle after the Hound claimed they had killed the ettin’s brother back in Sundabar.

The battle was brief. The ettin summoned 4 wyverns and unleashed his venom-eyed basilisk. The party bloodied the ettin and Piph intimidated him to surrender and subdue his beasts.

A day later Dreylin mastered the art of building igloos.



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