How many bloody blades?


Date Met: August 2nd, Present: Everyone, Pizza: Jonathan

The party arrived in Oreme. Met the locals.

Kamina attempted to blackmail locals. Was caught. Put on trial.

Par killed Kamina.


Par I must thank you for winning me 120g, it was a shame that we lost Kamina he was good in a tight spot, but I suppose the threads of fate were not with him.

Oh well I just wish there weren’t so many of those horrible Drow all over the place, the sooner we leave this place the happier I will be.


I would have liked to see that scummy bastard live. His lack of mercy made up for my abundance. To think the rest of us had no choice in the matter of losing a battle companion. Kamina or Par, the outcome was one loss too many. Who will be this group’s shadow?

One thing that bothers me about the local Sun Syndicate is the old blade of theirs I met. His words have me on edge. The people of Sundebar are better staying out of this trade agreement if there is danger on the route and danger in dealing with the locals.


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