How many bloody blades?

Grapes of Wrath

Met: May 31st Attendance: Everyone (Except JP—JP will now be excluded from ‘Everyone’)(+DD)

The party continued their push into the audience chamber of the keep, where the Viceroy, his maester and an insignificant number of minion guards waited with timid patience. A conversation with struck up, as adventurers often due before slaying the demagogue breed of villains. Using his deft silver tongue (with a litte assistance from a good bluff roll) the Viceroy stalls the party with half-truths until at last the Hound and his rugged entourage returned.

At some point before the inevitable combat, Mar held the Viceroy upside down. It’s kinda’ his thing.

The combat was long, but fierce, and the Hound was forced unconscious while the rest of his men slain. With the party’s new-found political clout they reinstated the Lord Delouve from the dungeons who then threw the Viceroy into the cell he had the pleasure of warming. Lord Delouve also awarded Mar, Dreylin and Achmid-Sol small portions of his fief, Piph a “box people reserve”, and Lennur a humble chapel to Amaunator.

The viceroy, now disposed, explained why he had forced the people of Sundabar to grow such a superfluous quantity of these fey-born grapes. The Viceroy was once a shepherd, but was given (forced) the responsibility (and wealth) to sate the gluttonous wishes of a white dragon who had a thirst for the rare wine. He enlisted the help of The Hound, who was then a bandit leader to help him usurp the Lordship of the Delouves to force the peasantry to harvest the grape.

Upon waking with a vicious headache, the Hound found himself in the unwanted position of guiding the party to the frozen wastes of the north where the dragon waits, or face Lord Delouve’s justice. He chose guiding.


Oh you typical greedy adventures can you not think of anything but putting gold in your pouches? Am I the only one of the group who has a loftier goal than getting rich? Well the only thing that I require is enough food and water, and the occasional improved sword or materials to improve my sword, to find the one who shattered the peace of my homeland.

Grapes of Wrath

Haha! I remember you running around, trying to buy up all the materials you can. I don’t know what you were doing, but it didn’t look like it was for the greater good to me. You elf-humans are a sneaky bunch, you can trick me with your words, but I still see your actions.


Grapes of Wrath

You dragon-born would mock the noble Eladrin culture, but I am above such things in-fact I created magical armor for Achmid-Sol and increased the strength of my own magical armor. So you in-fact did not see my true actions, only my initial actions not the results.


Grapes of Wrath

What about my intentions? My fighters may be weak now, but they may end up saving this town one day. My metalworkers may build a statue of me eventually, but now they are building tools for the farmers. You shouldn’t be so quick to judge me Elf-human.

Grapes of Wrath

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